Dawn Goodman

Founder & Owner

Dawn Goodman, Goodman Consulting LLC, corporate compliance, HIPAA, ERISA, ACA.

Coming from a long line of educators, a career in healthcare seemed unexpected to everyone but me. My bachelor's degree and master's at the University of Utah and University of San Francisco reflect concentrations in healthcare administration, and my own interests led me into what used to be the new world of compliance.


Since I began my career, seems many industries have come to realize that compliance is an aspect of their organization to promote rather than fear. And now that nerds are “cool”, I’m proud to call myself a compliance nerd.

Starting with ERISA regulations to COBRA,  FSAs,  Mental Health Parity and Title I of HIPAA, I enjoyed studying and educating staff, brokers and clients. Then a completely unique compliance challenge emerged in the form of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and, alas, my inner Privacy Officer was born.

I developed Privacy programs from the ground up for both a managed care plan and TPA. My role also supported the Security Officers with guidance during risk and security assessments, policy creation and staff training. I was very pleased when these efforts received positive feedback from state oversight agencies including the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) during a random audit in 2012. This experience with OCR provided me with firsthand knowledge of exactly what they expect to find during a HIPAA audit. In a word…EVERYTHING!

Just about the time we saw the last amendment to HIPAA, a new challenge presented itself -- the Affordable Care Act. While it seems the self-funded industry may be spared new regulations under the current administration, ongoing compliance and the possibility that certain ACA provisions may be eliminated, requires more time than benefit professionals have to spare. I have spent years providing timely advice and materials to plan sponsors and brokers about the who, what and when involving each piece of ACA.

So, if Compliance has exceeded your organization’s proverbial “other duties as assigned”, let’s talk. This compliance nerd looks forward to putting my expertise to work on your list of Compliance to-dos!